Shared Goals & Values

Shared Goals

Though we come from and work in different states, and take different approaches to our on-the-ground efforts, groups in the Network share broad, common policy goals that we believe will lead to a better and stronger democracy:

  • An open, transparent government that allows public participation
  • Protecting citizens’ right to vote
  • Ensuring a fair and impartial judiciary
  • Promoting ethical governance
  • Lifting the voices of people, rather than money, in politics

Shared Values

Our goals are shaped by our shared values and principles. We believe that our fundamental democratic principles - especially those that speak to trust, fairness, openness, accountability, participation, honesty, and action - must be continuously reinforced and fiercely protected against those who see politics as a means to promote narrow interests rather than the common good. In addition to being the bedrock values that inform our policy work, we also make sure to put these values into practice amongst each other.

Trust - We believe in promoting public confidence in government and the democratic process.

Fairness - We believe in lifting up the voices and speech of the people regardless of circumstance, station, or amount of money they have contributed to causes.

Openness - We believe that the business of the people should be conducted in public view, and not behind closed doors in political back rooms. The public deserves, and should be able to see, its officials in action.

Accountability - We believe that officials should be able to be held accountable for their actions. We further believe that officials should be accountable to those they represent and work for, not to those who have contributed the most money and do not seek the public interest.

Participation - We believe in the rights of citizens to be engaged with their governments both in terms of voting, and in everyday development of policy. The public should be allowed to voice their opinion on pending laws, and proper opportunities should be granted for them to do so.

Honesty - We believe that public officials should be honest with those who they have been elected, appointed, or hired to represent. This includes being forthcoming about their positions and governing in an ethical manner.

Action - We believe that none of these goals and values will happen organically. In order to achieve our goals and uphold our values, we must act in order to create the states and country in which we want to live.